My First Crepe Cake

Chili Vanilla Crepe Cake. Ha! Well it’s actually Vanilla Crepe Cake but I decided to add chili at the end so there you go – Chili Vanilla Crepe Cake. Luls. I first saw the crepe cake while walking around the mall not long ago. Wanting to have a bite but… seems expensive. Oh niisa! How kedekut! (cheapskate) Hahaha..! 

And then I got back I googled them – crepe cake and walah! I discovered crepe cake for the first time! I feel like katak di bawah tempurung now… (outdated person) *feeling down* Ughhh.. Anyway I stared at the screen for hours.. The one they made for wedding is simply gorgeous! I’m in love! Haha.


Beautiful, isn’t it?

And yesterday, I decided to make it. So I went around searching for a recipe on the net and it seems that 3 out of 5 websites I went to use the same recipe. I read the review and most of the problem encountered while making the crepe cake is making the crepe itself. Too thin, too thick, sticking to the pan, blah blah blah and so on… Making the batter is easy but the crepe? Ah! What the hell, bring it on!


The crepe batter

And guess what? They’re wonderfullllll! Awhhhh! Every crepe I made is purrrrfect! Haha! xD


As for the filling, I have leftover magical frosting, and I wasn’t in the mood to make any cupcakes. I skipped with the original filling and used this instead. I had only blue coloring and decided to color the frosting a bit. Boy, I shouldn’t do that! T.T 


Ah.. My bf loves caramel so I drizzles them a bit on the cake.

Final product. The crepe cake tasted good. But the texture doesn’t match with the frosting. It’s good.. (well which part vanilla-related product is not good???) but rather greasy because of the butter in the frosting. Definitely have to use the original filling in the future. 


I know, I know.. blue is no good.. T.T *sigh*

**You can try the recipe here. If you want to.


So cute! My cat used to wait for me to come back from school everyday. as I reach the gate she’ll come out to greet me. Every damn day. How I miss her T.T