Cupcakes for Wedding Doorgift

Wedding Doorgift. Really?
Yep, yep. It’s a tradition for well, I’m not sure about Indians, but for Chinese and Malays, yes they give doorgift to guest who come to the wedding. I’m not sure whether we Kadazandusun do it cuz I remember attending two weddings (one of it was my aunt’s), and no, no doorgift received. Hahah! xD But if the wedding reception are held in a hotel, yea I’m sure every guest will get something. I’ve seen chopsticks, fans, cakes and chocolates in a box as a doorgift for weddings held in the hotel. As for Malays, I’m not sure if people still give ‘bunga telur’ (simply boiled egg with some decorations) nowadays. Maybe in kampung (village) where they organize everything by themselves, still? No idea! But I do know that nowadays anything can be a doorgift! For instance, my other sister ordered mini cheese tarts from her friends. My mum… Chocolates, maybe? That is from our family side. The groom side? IDK But I See guests went back with their hand fulls of doorgifts!
As for my sister’s wedding reception, mum suggested making cupcakes (again!). There’s No way I could bring my pastry equipments from Sabah to Malacca so I crossed my fingers and hope there’s some shops that sells everything I need. Jajaja..! Well after few days of searching I finally found it, not far from Ayer Keroh where I’m staying. Thanks to my beloved bf who drove me around to look for it. After I got everything I needed, I started making the cupcakes two days before the wedding. Well I have to. And I’ve already checked everything. Ngahhh! And these are pictures of them in the making. Well I didn’t snap everything step by step cuz it’s tiring to wash my hand everytime I hold my phone.



Ohhh it was a nightmare cutting the round stickers! Why? Budget, budget!



And finally!!!! ♥♥♥
♥ Vanilla Cupcakes with Magical Frosting! ♥ 


** Proudly made by niisa & Aaron (thanks kung2! ♥)




DIY Wedding Backdrops

I did this last year for my sister’s wedding. Yaaa.. I know.. So long ody.. I’m Too lazy to update a blog, that’s why.I hope this will be a good start. Anyway as for the wedding, it was a small, simple event. We asked someone else to do it but they said they had no transportation so they couldn’t do it. Not sure how do they run their business if transportation availability is an issue. Plus they only informed us a day before the wedding! How horrible! I have to settle the wedding gifts & finish my cupcakes project you know! %$#*+#!! x(

Anyway, Niisa Alister to the rescue! *swoosh!* ♥

So I went to the mall alone, in a hurry to grab some stuff. I couldn’t think of anything and it was only when I got home ideas came around, and round. Ngaaah! Everything are from scratch. Found the woods somewhere around the neighborhood. I remember looking down all the way home, dragging that thing home. Haha.. *blush* Made the fan thingy, cut 4metres long fabrics into thin, ribbon-like thingy (Luls). As for others I just grabbed and used whatever I think can be used from home. And yes the home was a mess.
And these are few pics of it after everything’s incorporated. Well, close enough.


95% done. Luls

Night before the wedding. Ahh.. luckily my lil Bro & his good friend are around. They helped me a little. Thanks Bro! And you too,  Haikal! •﹏•


Finished backdrop

The final touch on the morning of the ceremony. Thank God that I made it in time. Managed to go back to shower and dress up somemore. Jajaja xD


The bride & groom

And a sneak peak at the wedding photo. Cute photo isn’t it? ♥♥♥ Be happy, sis!

(Ah BTW I’m not the one who took this photo)

P/s:  I didn’t sleep until the wedding dinner you know! Luls