“Apam Polkadot” @ Steamed Cupcakes with Banana Filling

These ‘apam’ is actually famous in Peninsular Malaysia. Well it looks to me that way because people actually ordered this for birthdays and engagement. I haven’t seen anyone making a fuss about it in KK… Err.. in this case it might be me..

Ahaha! On the other hand, actually I don’t really like this ‘apam’, or steamed cupcakes, well at first because of their looks and the fillings. Really. Strawberry and blueberry jam everywhere. They aren’t just polkadots. There’re bees and ladybirds. Cute one. The fillings are unrealistic to me but hey, who am I to judge, I’m just stating my opinions. Ha! xP



Not bad eh?

 (BTW pics are not mine I just Googled it for references)**

Then I thought, I’ve been doing things however I wish and like all these time so why not give it a try? So I searched for the recipe and found out that most website I encountered use the same recipe. Google “APAM POLKADOT” if you are not buying this. Heh~ 

And then one day, mum came back from school with bananas. Like, a lot of them! Her friend gave it to her and she asked me to do whatever I wanted with some of the bananas for her to bring to school the next day for her friends. She suggested banana cakes but I wasn’t really in the mood of making it. Hahah! xD

Well then I thought about this recipe and *puff!*, I guess it’ll turns out great. Luls. So I did this and that… follow the recipe yada yada yada… And ohh! ♥ I made my own banana filling. and by the way I’ve tried making this with pastry cream as the filling. It’s good. Really. 

The original recipe are as follows, and basically you can just mix everything up and blend or whisk together until everything is well incorporated, except for coloring. See the pictures? You’ll know what to do next! Use your imagination! And modify however you want after trying it!  ♥ Yehaww! 



 “Apam Polkadot” @ Steamed Cupcakes

  • 3 nos large eggs from the fridge
  • 275 gm all purpose flour
  • 220 gm caster sugar
  • 150 ml fresh milk
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp ovelette
  • food coloring

# I added 1 tsp vanilla extract because you will smell nothing but egg from the cupcake after they’re done. And, I reduce the sugar because I made the filling sweet for it to blend in with the cupcake.

Banana Filling 

  • mashed bananas
  • sugar
  • butter
  • ground cinnamon (optional)
  • cornstarch mixed with water

Melt butter in a hot pan, add bananas and sugar. Cook until soft and tender and add ground cinnamon. Again, this is optional. Add cornstarch mixture and it’s done when it thickens.


After steaming


Steam with medium fire about 15 minutes or else the filling will burst out. You can see some of it. I was impatient. Ha! All the best if you wanna try it! ♥


Red Velvet Cupcakes

This red velvet cupcakes are the best, so far because they keep well and stay moist even if they’re baked two days in advance. Of course, they need proper storage cause the cupcakes can be easily spoiled because of the milk content. Yes Yes believe me. Store them properly if you want to make them in advance.

This is the second time I made red velvet cupcakes. The first time was on my mum’s birthday last October. I made red velvet cake for her birthday in 2011 and she asked me to make another for few times. (Sorry mama!) To my surprise (that time Luls), Ky’s wedding will be held in November so I thought I’ll make her red velvet cupcakes for her wedding. Tried for the first time for mama’s birthday, everything went well except for the color. Ha! Used black chocolate powder, got chocolate cupcakes instead. xP

So I prepared this notecards with a stick. I remember my brother in law’s face full of ‘???’ as he walked past through me when I was in the middle of doing this. Haha xD


So many things happened, and thanks to my beloved bestie Michelle and her sister Agnes we managed to get this done. I didn’t sleep since yesterday doing this and that. At the end, I made a simple picture collage of the whole process of the making of this red velvet cupcakes.


They’re a hit, I guess. Even Haikal said it was good and it reminded him of a red velvet cake he tasted in London. Thank you, the compliment made my day. Ever Since then I’ve been making the same red velvet cupcakes for few times. *^▁^*


Haikal were on holidays, and recently when he came back to KK, he gave us this lovely red velvet cake from London. Merci!! It’s gone within one week! 


DIY Wedding Backdrops

I did this last year for my sister’s wedding. Yaaa.. I know.. So long ody.. I’m Too lazy to update a blog, that’s why.I hope this will be a good start. Anyway as for the wedding, it was a small, simple event. We asked someone else to do it but they said they had no transportation so they couldn’t do it. Not sure how do they run their business if transportation availability is an issue. Plus they only informed us a day before the wedding! How horrible! I have to settle the wedding gifts & finish my cupcakes project you know! %$#*+#!! x(

Anyway, Niisa Alister to the rescue! *swoosh!* ♥

So I went to the mall alone, in a hurry to grab some stuff. I couldn’t think of anything and it was only when I got home ideas came around, and round. Ngaaah! Everything are from scratch. Found the woods somewhere around the neighborhood. I remember looking down all the way home, dragging that thing home. Haha.. *blush* Made the fan thingy, cut 4metres long fabrics into thin, ribbon-like thingy (Luls). As for others I just grabbed and used whatever I think can be used from home. And yes the home was a mess.
And these are few pics of it after everything’s incorporated. Well, close enough.


95% done. Luls

Night before the wedding. Ahh.. luckily my lil Bro & his good friend are around. They helped me a little. Thanks Bro! And you too,  Haikal! •﹏•


Finished backdrop

The final touch on the morning of the ceremony. Thank God that I made it in time. Managed to go back to shower and dress up somemore. Jajaja xD


The bride & groom

And a sneak peak at the wedding photo. Cute photo isn’t it? ♥♥♥ Be happy, sis!

(Ah BTW I’m not the one who took this photo)

P/s:  I didn’t sleep until the wedding dinner you know! Luls